To begin to solve the nations poverty and troubled cities, we can’t just give the needy a place to live or money for food. We know that this would not be a solution. A true solution is to give all people hope, dreams, and dignity.

People from every walk of life can help. From every class, every nationality, every religion – we ALL can be and NEED to be a part of the solution.

Many people have already begun…many organizations are bringing people together to work on solutions for a large number of different problems. But they cannot do it alone – they need EVERYBODY. The feeling you will receive from a helping experience will far outweigh any monetary reward on earth.

Each one of us has something to offer, but it is up to you to get involved. Each of these organizations needs volunteers. Simply press on the organization’s name that you would be interested in helping. Internship information is also available.

You will never be sorry you did.”
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To post a request for volunteers, please send your information to Nonprofit Career.