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Summary: Highly accomplished Project Manager with a solid foundation in business analysis, data interpretation, and problem resolution. Proven expertise in leading diverse projects, combined with strong communication and interpersonal skills, enables efficient collaboration and project success across various work environments. My multi-industry experience, ranging from higher education to Machine Learning, has honed my abilities to drive process optimization and spur organizational growth. As a versatile and adaptable professional, I am continuously seeking fresh challenges and growth opportunities, ready to leverage my skills to deliver significant value and contribute to project success.
UNIVERSITY OF THE POTOMAC Master of Business Administration Major in Public Policy


Master of Business Administration

Major in Management


Bachelor’s in finance

Major in Accounting


●  Lead and manage a cross-functional team of 5, effectively delegating tasks and motivating team

members to deliver exceptional service. Achieved a substantial 22% increase in revenue by

fostering a high-performance culture.
●  Utilize strong verbal communication skills to facilitate clear and efficient dialogue between all

project stakeholders.
●  Conduct comprehensive research to identify potential partners that align with project objectives

and business goals.
●  Leverage technical writing skills to develop compelling and detailed proposals to secure new

opportunities and drive business growth.
●  Oversee budget planning and control, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and alignment

with financial targets.
●  Proactively address and resolve conflicts between the team and clients to maintain a harmonious

working relationship and ensure project continuity.
●  Regularly monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess project progress and outcomes,

adjusting strategies and plans as necessary to ensure business alignment and successful project completion.
Washington, DC May 2021

Chicago, IL September 2011 – May 2014

Cotonou, Benin September 2007 – May 2010
Alexandria, VA 2022 –2023
FREELANCE – VARIOUS CLIENTS. United States Content Strategy and Project Management Consultant 2017 – 2023

●  Conducted a detailed analysis of data and processes to identify opportunities for improvement and growth for a diverse client base. The portfolio encompasses more than 200 clients from

various industries, including Fintech, UX/UI, Cryptocurrency, Robotics,

Entertainment/Hollywood, Book Publishing, and AI/Machine Learning.
●  Collaborated with cross-functional teams to assess project outcomes based on KPIs, demonstrate

strong leadership by prioritizing future initiatives and ensuring alignment with business goals.
●  Led the production of various forms of content, including website content, blog articles, press

releases, flyers, and brochures, that align with clients’ business objectives, utilizing advanced

technical writing skills.
●  Effectively managed and motivated the project team to foster high productivity and exceed set

performance goals.
●  Utilized comprehensive research skills to continually seek out and evaluate potential

opportunities for growth and business expansion.

UNIVERSITY OF THE POTOMAC Washington, DC Assistant- Dean of Student Service. 2019 – 2020
●  Spearheaded the development and execution of a data-centric student retention program, which

resulted in a 37% improvement in student engagement. The initiative was marked by an innovative system for collecting weekly student feedback, thereby enhancing their active participation in campus activities.
●  Utilized advanced data analytics skills to create and scrutinize attendance data for over 2,000 students. This robust data-driven approach significantly informed strategic decision-making processes and facilitated an enriched student experience.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION. Washington, DC Project Manager 2020 – 2022
●  Executed meticulous financial oversight and contributed to the success of event planning

initiatives by managing funds and ensuring optimal resource allocation.
●  Utilized exceptional copywriting skills to generate engaging flyers for diverse events and the

school newspaper, enhancing outreach and marketing strategies.
●  Developed an innovative system for collecting and analyzing student feedback, facilitating data-

driven decision making and process improvements.
●  Collaborated with various stakeholders to establish the Student Government Association’s (SGA)

bylaws and constitution, demonstrating a keen ability to manage complex projects and ensure

organizational alignment.
●  Led the recruitment and training of 6 new team members, instilling competencies and cultivating

a high-performing project team.


Technical Skills: MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook & Excel; Slack, Toggle, Asana, Canva, Grammarly, Bookeo, Square Invoicing, Tableau (beginner)
Fundraising, Data Analysis, Project Management, Student Affairs, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Web Content Writing, Event Planning, Business Strategy, Business Planning, Marketing,

Languages: Fluent in French and English.

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