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Our Why

At Civic Builders, we exist to create dynamic, engaging, and inviting school facilities and spaces for learning in order to give every student in the communities we support the opportunity to excel. The success students attending Civic Builders schools achieve goes far beyond the classroom, as Civic Builders schools become anchors for the low-income, underserved neighborhoods where they are located. Civic Builders schools revitalize communities by providing beautiful spaces where generations of students can learn and where communities come together to support their children’s futures.

What We Do

Civic Builders, as an organization, transforms children’s lives and revitalizes communities by building and financing inspirational schools for students in underserved neighborhoods. Dedicated to giving every child the chance to attend a great school, Civic Builders partners with the nation’s best educators to support the creation of public charter school buildings for students in communities where the need is greatest. Since 2002, Civic Builders has built inspiring, bright, and modern buildings that give its partner schools cost effective, customized educational space. Civic Builders added a national lending platform in 2015 that provides below-market loan products to non-profit charter schools and affiliates nationwide to secure and/or build out the ideal facility for their program. To date, Civic has invested over $360M in high quality facilities projects that directly impact the lives of children and families in communities across the country.

What You’ll Do

As the Vice President (VP) of Talent at Civic Builders, you will be stepping into a new role to drive an essential element of our organization as we deepen our commitment to finding, developing, and keeping the strongest talent in the industry. Reporting to the CEO and joining the executive leadership team, the VP of Talent will lead the continued development and integration of all aspects of Civic’s human resources (HR), talent acquisition, and performance management functions. Your leadership will echo in our shared commitment to racial equity, a healthy and functional work culture, refined internal processes, and compelling community impact. You are a catalyst for positive change by leading this critical work at Civic Builders from the inside out.

What You’ll Own

In order to ensure effective, efficient, and clear HR operations management and organizational culture development, the VP of Talent will focus on the following areas of responsibility:

Recruiting, Staffing & Talent Management

  • Deepen understanding of unique team needs to develop and lead the implementation of a coherent strategy to attract, hire, develop and retain high performing talent
  • Work closely with Civic Builders’ leadership team as a key thought and execution partner to support strategic and timely talent-related decisions that result in attributable organizational outcomes
  • Develop and execute effective, innovative, inclusive, and contemporary HR practices in concert with Civic leaders; co-create strategic direction for the organization that is focused on the implementation of healthy talent systems grounded in anti-racism and equity
  • Oversee effective screening processes and tools to support evidence-based hiring decisions for all of Civic Builders’ functional areas (real estate, lending and operations)
  • Provide direct support and direction to hiring managers and their teams in the consistent use of Civic screening, interviewing, and hiring protocols

Staff Engagement and Employee Relations

  • Design and implement tools for measuring and improving Civic staff engagement, and support hiring managers in the implementation of corresponding protocols
  • Create and implement staff survey tools and other feedback protocols in the spirit of transparency, responsiveness, and continuous improvement
  • Implement processes to efficiently mediate conflict and resolve staff concerns
  • Perform and promote compliance with equal employment and nondiscrimination policies and follow federal and state laws, board policies, and appropriate professional standards
  • Ensure timely, professional, and courteous HR service to all Civic employees, clients and partners
  • Model thought leadership that is anti-racist, inclusive, and transformative in a manner that actively supports Civic’s mission
  • Foster a healthy work culture that promotes equity and inclusion

Compensation and Employee Benefits

  • Manage the organization’s compensation and benefits structures; consistently review labor market patterns to maintain organizational competitiveness for quality talent
  • Oversee unemployment, Worker’s Compensation, health insurance and management of employee leave requests
  • Provide timely, updated communication to employees related to benefits as necessary

Performance Management and Professional Development

  • Establish that processes for new staff onboarding that are inclusive and efficient
  • Lead professional development related to performance management that is timely, relevant, job-embedded and differentiated based on individual and team needs
  • Support supervisors to establish and communicate annual performance goals for team members; implement and monitor equitable performance systems that support frequent communication and actionable feedback for employees at every level of the organization
  • Support Civic leaders in the development, implementation, and documentation of improvement plans, policies and procedures to ensure positive outcomes for employees

What Skills You’ll Need to be Successful

Extraordinary Communication

You willingly speak your truth and share your beliefs with vulnerability and without hesitation. You are equipped to navigate difficult conversations and necessary conflict with the genuine belief that it is in this essential crucible that change happens and progress is made. You are committed to transparency and authenticity in your communication with stakeholders at every level of the Civic organization. You invite, include, and engage in the spirit of equity and compassion. You cultivate trust, question assumptions, seek and understand alternative perspectives and beliefs, and address inequalities directly.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

You acknowledge systemic racism, power, and privilege in organizations and are committed to dismantling inequities at every level you impact. You collaboratively inspire and foster a culture of inclusion by building relationships across lines of difference and including the voices of those closest to the challenge we seek to address. You prioritize assessing organizational health diversity, equity, and inclusion performance indicators.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

You have the ability to assess and analyze organizational conditions for change by considering industry trends with a focus on Civic’s unique needs. You are confident in developing and communicating goals in support of our shared vision and mission. You thrive in leading organizational effectiveness by initiating, promoting, and implementing change in partnership with colleagues toward the collective north star. You lead for impact, not for attention.

Guardian of Trust

As an HR and talent leader, your words and actions are consistent. You respond to external pressure in a way that inherently aligns with your ethics. You understand deeply that trust must be earned. You keep every confidence, accept responsibility, maintain transparency, and lead by example. Integrity and trust comprise the fulcrum upon which your success balances. Building and investing in relationships is at the heart of your leadership.

What You’ll Bring

  • 10+ years of senior HR and talent management leadership experience at progressive levels of responsibility with evidence of successful development and organizational outcomes
  • Bachelor’s Degree required; advanced degrees and certifications (e.g., SHRM) are a plus
  • Strong background in leading with equity at the center, especially through organizational change and growth
  • Experience cultivating a work culture in a multi-faceted environment that is values-driven, equitable, and inclusive
  • Experience working in conjunction with a senior leadership team and board to identify priorities, establish goals, monitor progress, and produce outcomes in service to stakeholders
  • Ability to navigate uncertainty and ambiguity in times of tremendous change, and to prioritize work efforts to achieve overall strategy as defined in collaboration with the Civic Builders leadership team and board
  • Active commitment to Civic Builders’ mission to improve access to education for all students through the growth of nonprofit public charter schools

Where We Work

Civic Builders offices are in New York, NY. The VP of Talent–as a key culture leader for our organization–will be based in NY and will work from our offices the majority of the time.

What We Offer

Salary for this integral leadership position is competitive, and commensurate with prior experience. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package will be included in the ultimate offer for the identified sole finalist. We look forward to discussing details with you as the interview process progresses. Civic Builders is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from diverse candidates. Civic Builders does not discriminate in any aspect of employment on the basis of race, color, ancestry or national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or age.

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